• News | AUDI | Wintersport Roadshow | December 2017 - April 2018 | During the winter sports season 2017/2018 we will be responsible for the whole handling of the Audi-offroad parcours again.


  • News | IQOS | Essen, D | February | We are currently implementing the sophisticated brand architecture of an approx. 80 sqm IQOS-Store in the shopping arcade "Limbecker Platz" in Essen.

  • News | ENTEGA | Essen, D | February 06th - 08th | Six oversized porch arches were the style-defining elements of our newly designed Entega booth at the E-World in Essen.

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A message is only as good as the Podium from which it is delivered. Give your message the stage that it deserves, a place that transforms a simple message into a magical moment. With us you can be seen!  

The results are convincing!
e.w.enture offers design and implementation of Event and tradeshow construction and strives to make a strong Impression for your company or organization.